Quitting with the Nicotine Patch & Gum

Quit Resources

There’s lots of stuff out there to help you quit.

Crush The Crave

It’s new! It’s cool! Crush The Crave is a smartphone app that lets you track when and why you smoke, make a personal plan to deal with cravings and slips, and reward yourself when you stick with it. Download the free app at: www.crushthecrave.ca.


txt messaging

Receive interactive tips for quitting, scheduled messages, and info on how to cope with cravings. Go to: www.smokershelpline.ca.


Smokers' Helpline

It’s not a crisis line. It’s a hassle-free service that you can call for real-time, person-to-person info about quitting. Call 1 877 513-5333


Talk to a Health Professional

Asking for help is not a sign of failure. A doctor, nurse or pharmacist can give you important information you may not get anywhere else. Your doctor can make a note in your chart that you are trying to quit, and follow up with you to see how it's going. The extra motivation and support your doctor provides can increase your odds of quitting.